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(弗吉尼亚州里士满) - 沙巴体育(VUU)宣布博士的任命。特雷尔strayhorn用于研究,创新,教育和研究生教育协理;该中心hbcus的研究总监;而在伊夫林城市教育的终身教授里德教育西法克斯学校。

“博士。 strayhorn是一位经验丰富的学术带头人,国际公认的教育专家,平等意识的沙巴体育app,博士说:”。哈基姆·卢卡斯沙巴体育的总裁兼首席执行官。 “他体现了领导特质为我们出现高等院校的一个新的全球认可的机构是VUU正在招聘。”

Dr. Strayhorn has over 15 years of work experience in higher education. Previously, he has served on the faculty at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK), The Ohio State University (OSU), and LeMoyne-Owen College (LOC), serving as UTK Special Assistant to the Provost, OSU College of Education Diversity Officer, and LOC Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs/Chief Academic Officer. He has managed and directed several university-wide research centers and specializes in building cross-functional, collaborative partnerships between institutions, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders. He has made extraordinary achievements at previous institutions in developing future faculty leaders, increasing academic grants, championing graduate pathways, and monetizing academic assets.

“这是成长为我们在沙巴体育的学术课程的一个激动人心的时刻,”博士说。欢乐古德里奇,教务长/教务处和认可联络的副总裁。 “博士。 strayhorn的经验将是一个很大的优势,因为我们的成长教员研究和教学提供了新的方案。”

At VUU, along with growing the University’s research imprint as chief research officer and overseeing graduate studies, Strayhorn will lead VUU’s newly created Center for the Study of HBCUs. The national research center will conduct high-quality studies, serve as a connector and convener of the HBCU scholarly community, and disseminate publications that focus on the history, mission, and management of HBCUs. Furthermore, the Center’s team will study leadership styles and how to bridge traditional missions with contemporary higher educational demands. The Center for the Study of HBCUs has released a call for manuscripts on HBCU research and related topics as part of a new book series on “Contemporary Research in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).” An editorial board, comprised of HBCU Presidents and academic scholars, is chaired by VUU president & CEO Dr. Hakim Lucas.

博士。 strayhorn在音乐和宗教研究获得了本科学位从弗吉尼亚(UVA)的大学和教育的UVA的咖喱学校教育政策硕士学位。他毕业于弗吉尼亚理工大学高等教育学博士学位(博士)。 strayhorn也赢得了来自VT种族和社会政策,以及研究生的教学和教育学研究生证书。一个多产的沙巴体育app,strayhorn是10本书和近200个好评的杂志文章,书籍章节,和科学报告的作者。

约VUU: 沙巴体育是高等教育和学生的准备和领导人对未来世界发展的卓越中心的首要文科城市机构。它成立于1865年给新解放奴隶的教育和晋升的机会。沙巴体育提供广泛的教育机会,推进文科教育,教学,科研,科学,技术,继续教育,公民参与,和国际经验。访问 //www.gree-guide.com/  了解更多信息。